How to repair your corrupted internal SD Card?

Authors : Information from Jef Cabrera and Aldair J.S


All the information that you will read in this article were reported by Korg Krome Users.

We do not recommend to open you korg krome by yourself, ask a professionnal.

Finally, by reading this article, you accept that can not be responsible of any damage done on your Korg Krome.


If you experiment some "clicks" and "peaks" when playing your korg krome, it may be caused by a faulty internal SD Card.

Some people have made video to show you the problem we are speaking :

This article will give you main information to replace your SD card by a new one.

If you do not have any problem with your krome...DO NOT TRY THIS !


Before opening your krome, you need to prepare a new micro sd card. For this you need :

-1 PC computer

-1 micro SD 4 GB Class 10 from your favorite brand. (Not necessary to buy a larger card)

-1 micro SD adapter for your computer.

-Win32 Disk Imager

-KorgKromeInnerStorageImage.rar file (you can find it on the internet, we can not link this because it's copyrighted from KORG)

-A screwdriver to unmount your krome.


  1. Insert your microsd in your adapter and plug it to your PC.
  2. Format your microSD card in order to have it recognized by win32 Disk imager (normally you do not have to format it if you make a raw data write...)
  3. Extract KorgKromeInnerStorageImage.rar to KorgKromeInnerStorageImage.img
  4. Launch win32 Disk imager and select the KorgKromeInnerStorageImage.img file.
  5. Select your microSD device.
  6. Click write

Replace the microSD in your krome

First, disconnect your krome from any cables...The most important is the power : let your krome few minutes totally unpluggued to be sure that you will not risk any electric issues.

Unscrew carefully your korg krome, placing all the screw on a table reproducing the exact place on the will be easy to screw back everything ;)

Separate bottom and top of your keyboard : pull the connector between the 2 parts...take care on this operation !

Locate the following board :

Pull the metal slot carefully, in the right direction like this


Lift the slot and replace your microSD card.

Relock the metal slot.

Put back the connector between the top and the bottom parts of your krome.

Screw everything and thank me for advising you to record the places of your screws ;) ;) ;)

Check that everything run fine !



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