The Other Side of KaPro - K0006 Review


Author : Cyph


It's been 3 years now that this pack of sound is out and yet, nobody hears about it ! Isn't it ?

I finally repaired this lack with an "homemade" test of this pack: The Other Side of KaPro - K0006 for Korg Krome !

Official SoundCloud Demonstrations

I started listening to the official demonstrations for several minutes (there are many) to get an idea of what I was going to buy (yes, because despite my requests to KaPro, no free send was made by these ... Don't forget, here, every sound designer gets visibility and this allows you especially, to have a third idea of what this pack was worth)

So, you can do the same and directly listen to the demonstrations on soundcloud :

K0006 Soundcloud demonstrations

Let's test it

My first impression, I had it with you on the facebook group Korg Krome VIP in direct live.

It was the first time I tested these sounds, just after buying the pack on the online korg store.

Here is the live, for those who remember ... We will talk about the sounds a little more in detail after this overview. Don't blame me for the quality of the video, it was a live and sound capture was not done with my audio capture hardware as usual, but with a single phone.

Just say it right away, we are dealing with a pack of professional quality.

A very fine attention was given to the settings of the sounds. What impressed me most was the effects chosen and their settings. For sure, we feel the author's experience so that the program sounds better. Most of the sounds of this new F bank, come with a drumtrack. Sometimes we like, sometimes, we stop it (as in my test) to better enjoy the sound itself.

Cool, what is the content ?

128 programs made with 16MB of samples (32MB before conversion/Compression for krome ;) )

DNA Phasing Pad 1        Program      F000       12               0
DNA Polysolo             Program      F001       12               0
DNA Sauerstoff           Program      F002       12               0
DNA Spatial              Program      F003       12               0
DNA Talaxial             Program      F004       12               0
DNA Voxuma               Program      F005       12               0
DNA Arpeggio             Program      F006       12               1
DNA Artibel              Program      F007       12               1
DNA Impact               Program      F008       12               1
DNA Mystic               Program      F009       12               1
DNA Ow, Ow, Dingeling    Program      F010       12               1
DNA The Eighties         Program      F011       12               1
DNA Thirdspace           Program      F012       12               1
IO-4 Carpetto            Program      F013       12               0
IO-4 Flutter Strings     Program      F014       12               0
IO-4 Galloping           Program      F015       12               0
IO-4 Layered LFO         Program      F016       12               0
IO-4 PW Sweep            Program      F017       12               0
IO-4 S&H Chronos         Program      F018       12               0
IO-4 "Wooah"             Program      F019       12               1
IO-4 Modular Runs 1      Program      F020       12               1
IO-4 Modular Runs 2      Program      F021       12               1
IO-4 Modular Runs 3      Program      F022       12               1
IO-4 Modular Runs 4      Program      F023       12               1
IO-4 On The Run 1        Program      F024       12               1
IO-4 On The Run 2        Program      F025       12               1
IO-4 Pollyfishn          Program      F026       12               1
IO-4 Portamento Arpeggio Program      F027       12               1
IO-4 Singleline          Program      F028       12               1
HT/2 Voyager             Program      F029       12               0
HT/2 Femmesyn            Program      F030       12               1
HT/2 Flickering          Program      F031       12               1
Polybob Flanged Pad      Program      F032       12               0
DNA Are To Deetoo?       Program      F033       13               1
DNA Bellish Arpeggio     Program      F034       13               1
DNA Chordal              Program      F035       13               1
DNA Cryostatic           Program      F036       13               1
DNA From Dusk Till Doubt Program      F037       13               1
DNA Hold the Keys!       Program      F038       13               1
DNA Hyperspace           Program      F039       13               1
DNA Im Westen nichts Neu Program      F040       13               1
DNA Phasing Pad 2        Program      F041       13               1
DNA Poseidon             Program      F042       13               1
DNA R-Industry           Program      F043       13               1
DNA Rattle               Program      F044       13               1
DNA Reflections          Program      F045       13               1
DNA Rhythm               Program      F046       13               1
DNA Ringulator           Program      F047       13               1
DNA Shadows' Talk        Program      F048       13               1
DNA Space Bells          Program      F049       13               1
DNA Spacecraft           Program      F050       13               1
DNA The Light            Program      F051       13               1
IO-4 Ares                Program      F052       13               1
IO-4 Babylon 9           Program      F053       13               1
IO-4 Black Hole          Program      F054       13               1
IO-4 Dynograined Ringmod Program      F055       13               1
IO-4 ORION-7             Program      F056       13               1
IO-4 Pink Rumble         Program      F057       13               1
IO-4 Prometheus          Program      F058       13               1
IO-4 Rhythmic Decay      Program      F059       13               1
IO-4 Ringmodulated Peg   Program      F060       13               1
IO-4 Subsweep            Program      F061       13               1
HT/2 Metallic Echoes     Program      F062       13               1
IO-4 Plopper             Program      F063       14               0
DNA The Pad              Program      F064       9                0
DNA Mariner Flight       Program      F065       9                2
IO-4 Octavian            Program      F066       9                0
IO-4 PWM Pad             Program      F067       9                0
IO-4 PWM Strings         Program      F068       9                0
IO-4 Reso-P-W-M          Program      F069       9                0
IO-4 7o9                 Program      F070       9                1
IO-4 Gutteral Pad        Program      F071       9                1
IO-4 Noisy PW-SAW        Program      F072       9                1
IO-4 Triangle Wave       Program      F073       9                1
IO-4 Sync Arpeggio       Program      F074       9                2
HT/2 Mellow Pad          Program      F075       9                1
Polybob Phased Pad       Program      F076       9                2
Polybob Strings Layer    Program      F077       9                0
DNA Vocalish             Program      F078       10               1
IO-4 Twitter             Program      F079       10               1
IO-4 Big Fatty           Program      F080       10               0
IO-4 Octavesync          Program      F081       10               0
DNA Tubular              Program      F082       2                0
DNA Digell               Program      F083       2                0
DNA PEG Bell             Program      F084       2                0
IO-4 Synthell            Program      F085       2                0
IO-4 Synthetic Mallets   Program      F086       2                1
HT/2 FM Bells            Program      F087       2                0
IO-4 Emperor             Program      F088       11               0
IO-4 Electronic Celli    Program      F089       11               1
IO-4 Luckily             Program      F090       11               0
IO-4 Ringlo              Program      F091       11               0
IO-4 Rocker              Program      F092       11               0
IO-4 Saw 1               Program      F093       11               0
IO-4 Saw 2               Program      F094       11               0
IO-4 Saw 3               Program      F095       11               0
IO-4 Square              Program      F096       11               0
IO-4 Layered Fruity Lead Program      F097       11               1
IO-4 Polysync            Program      F098       11               1
IO-4 Sync Lead           Program      F099       11               1
IO-4 Tri-Wave            Program      F100       11               1
IO-4 Poly Sync Pad       Program      F101       11               0
IO-4 PWM Poly            Program      F102       11               0
HT/2 Leader              Program      F103       11               1
DNA Resonant Bass        Program      F104       8                0
IO-4 Bass in 5th         Program      F105       8                0
IO-4 Dynabass-Sync       Program      F106       8                0
IO-4 House Bass          Program      F107       8                0
IO-4 I Had A Bass!       Program      F108       8                0
IO-4 Resonass            Program      F109       8                0
IO-4 Sync Bass           Program      F110       8                0
IO-4 Trance Bass 1       Program      F111       8                0
IO-4 Trance Bass 2       Program      F112       8                0
IO-4 Trance Bass 3       Program      F113       8                0
HT/2 Sawbass 1           Program      F114       8                0
HT/2 Sawbass 2           Program      F115       8                0
IO-4 Nalvicet            Program      F116       0                3
HT/2 Combopino           Program      F117       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 1  Program      F118       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 2  Program      F119       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 3  Program      F120       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 4  Program      F121       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 5  Program      F122       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 6  Program      F123       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 7  Program      F124       0                1
HT/2 Electronic Grand 8  Program      F125       0                1
HT/2 PWM Attack          Program      F126       0                1
IO-4 Analog "Organ"      Program      F127       1                0

The synth motions are excellent, we feel like a pink floyd looking for new inspirations :)

On the other hand, I did not like SFX more than that, let's say it's harder to play and I was looking for sounds to compose songs first. These SFX must be perfectly suitable for those who make soundtracks for movies or short films ...

I also liked a lot the lead synths that smell good "analog" years... just like the basses sounds provided that you tweak cut-off, resonance and Eg-int parameters, they can serve you for your "trance" songs.

In short, we alternate the hot and cold depending on what we like to do with his synth.

The pack is composed of 4 files:


Ok, this was my first time with a KaPro pack and I must admit that I was impressed by the overall quality of the patches. Everything is pretty well arranged : The choice and the tuning of FX in programs are always perfects. Your krome will not sound like your krome because of the use of new multisamples and ... it definitely rocks ! For sure, if you like every kind of patches, this pack is a must have, and finally not so expensive 49$.


There are many SFX (around 30) in the 128 programs !!! And if you do not like this kind of sounds, you should be disappointed. It could be also a bit frustating not to have some combinations in the package.

My notes :

for those who like every kind of sounds

for those who have nothing to do with SFX

Donate to Kromeheaven

Random Pack !

Author : LeonGTR

"This is only the program bank "F" with some of my favorite Acoustic Pianos;

"Jazz In The Club", a grand piano that seems to be placed on the stage of a jazz club, a little reverb with wooden texture and small space.
"Jazz In The Studio", This is the same grand piano taken in to a recording studio, almost dry and sounds very nearly.
"Steinway & Sons Concert", A german grand taken to a large concert hall, with a little dark and smooth sound
"German Grand Bright" and "German Grand Dark" these pianos are a little variation from their original presets, just looking for my personal taste for a grand piano.

Hope you enjoy it!"

Great Job Leon ! Fantastic !

Kromeheaven is really proud to share your pack with all the Krome users! Keep on doing things like that !

I think that this pack will be on the top 3 of our download !!!


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