How to import and modify midi files for the krome

Author : Cyph

In this tutorial you will learn how to load and correct a midi file song that does not "sound" properly.

In fact, the problem is that some midi files have "program changes" at the beginning of some track that automatically select a non GM programs/patches (from bank A/B/C/D/E/F).

There are 4 steps to follow in order to correct the midi file.

Before beginning the tutorial, ensure you have loaded your midi file in your Krome sequencer. (MEDIA, LOAD, SELECT a *.mid file)

Step 1

GM Initialize your song, sometimes, it is enough to have your song properly set to GM standard. It depends on the "program change" event your song has.

Press Play to check if you have only GM programs set at the beginning of your song : If not, Go to STEP 2

Step 2

Press PAGE button and go to the track Edit page by following this :

Select the track you want to edit : Here TRACK 1...Then press the Track Edit Arrow to open the menu.


Step 3

Here we will Edit the event of your track...Follow this :

Here, filter the event you want to display : We only want to check "program change", so deselect others events.


Step 4

Edit the program change event following this :

Put the G bank for a GM programs/sounds and g(d) for a drum track.

Go to the play menu and check !!!

Repeat this tutorial for all tracks (Go to Step 2 and select TRACK2, then TRACK 3...etc)

Enjoy !!!


Save your song in the .SNG format and send it to us !!!

If I have enough song, I will create a dedicated section on kromeheaven !!!


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