Combi Tips : Switch off a program with a button !

Author : Lalith Shashank J Naga

What if I say I learnt a new trick to turn off certain sounds in a combi by pressing of a switch? Precisely!

Assign one IFX to stereo compressor and in OUTPUT LEVEL put +100 and in SRC here I kept SW 2 #81 to -100 in ifx 2.

Check this image :

Now when ever I engage sw 2, the programs I route to ifx2 in routing tab will be off! When you reverse the numbers on both boxes, you hear the programs routed to ifx2 when sw is turned on!

Christmas gift to all my Kromers best part is, tones don't get effected at all with the default stereo compressor efx and ensure it is WET!

Very useful for programmers ! (However, polyphony will still remain same.)

Enjoy !


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