Loop Station on your Korg Krome !

Author : narf

Here is a quick interesting effect on your krome !

Make a loop station on any program by using a single FX...

Demonstration on a kronos (same on krome !)



1 - On page IFX Insert FX tab, select the Hold Delay effect.
It's an easy way to get the default settings of the effect, with which we will use the values:
• REC Source: JS + Y: CC # 01
• Reset Source: JS-Y: CC # 02
• Manual Rec Control: Off
• Manual Reset Control: Off
• Loop Time [msec]: Auto
• MIDI / Tempo Sync: Off

Loop Station

2. Move the main joystick in the Y direction (away from you).
This action begins recording.

3. Play a musical phrase.

4. Release the joystick to its original position.
This action stops recording. Now the musical phrase begins to play repeatedly. Since the length of the loop is set to Auto, it will match the recording that you played.

5. Move the joystick in the Y direction

6. Play another musical phrase over the existing loop.

7. Release the joystick to its original position.
You should hear what you just played as well as the first loop. You can make a surmixage (overdub) as many times as you like.

To clear the loop and start from scratch:
8. Move the joystick in the direction - Y (toward you).

Note: Hold Delay is a one time (which you can control the pan). With stereo effects such as Chorus or Reverb, use the stereo effect after the Hold Delay.

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