Author : Cyph

in this article, I show you how to export its samples in the expected format to be used by the Korg krome.

Kromatool can generate pack: META.IMG & SAMPLE.IMG only from the raw format.

To do this, I recommend using the Audacity software following this tutorial :

 First, open your file in Audacity.
If it is a known format: File -> Open -> Select your file.
If it is an unknown format, you can try to use the import function ... Thus you can open a samples krome file (SAMPLE.IMG file!) to check all samples contained in a pack.

After you open the file, we will remove some (Db) :

Select all the samples from your wavefom by double clickling on it.

Effects -> Amplify

and set a correct number of db. In my exemple i used -4,5 Db, in order to "lower" my sound.

 This will prevent sound scratching.

(Normally, you should not do this step if your sound do not exceed the half of the total amplitude (see at the vertical -1 /+1)

Here is the result after decreasing Db :

Finally, you must export this sample in the correct format for the korg krome.

Go to the menu
File -> Export

As in the following image.

In the "file selection" windows :

Click on the "options" button in order to verify the "export" format.

Choose "Raw header less"

Choose "Signed 8 bits PCM"

That's all folks !

Repeat this on each of the sample you want to have on your korg krome.

You can now go the kromatool software to generate your first sound package.


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