Author : Cyph

In order to load KRM files :




You need to download the official Korg Krome Editor for PC or MAC.

Download PC Korg Krome Editor

Download MAC Korg Krome Editor


Plug your Krome to your PC or MAC.

Launch the editor.

Wait until Krome is synchronising sounds.

Select the program where you want to load your sound (Generally, use a blank slot in the F Bank)

Click on the "Utility" button then the "Load" menu...and finally select the file you want to load to your synth.


Enjoy !


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Random Pack !










Author : George K.

"This is my oriental/middle eastern set for krome.

Middle eastern and turkish players will enjoy it.

George K."

Wahou, George,  very impressive and complete set ! (PCG file with Bank F programs and combi !)

I am really happy to have your sound available for my krome.

Your sharing will be really appreciated, for sure !

Great Krome sounds => granted Kromatool beta-tester !

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