Most wanted leads Pack by Dan Stesco is coming !

Dear kromeheavener !

Yet another great news...after announcing a JMJ Pack 2 for your Korg Krome, Dan Stesco will also be back with a brand new pack :

Most Wanted leads

Here is a cool video demonstration from Mihai Ardelean

Yes, these are pure leads ! I hope to test them all and make my own feedback about this pack!

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Random Pack !

Luiz Oliveira's Prog Sounds Pack !


Author : Luiz O. Master Key

"Hello Cyph,
We are pleased to inform you that my first package combinations this finished. As I promised, I organized my combinations and I'm sending you to be distributed freely. 
The name of this small collection is Prog Sounds, because I had these ideas really listening Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman. 
I'll work on more sounds and soon you'll send more!"

Thank you Luiz,

your sounds are really well programmed, you can be proud of what you have done!!!

As you really deserve it, I've made a 3D box for your pack and made a cool presentation to share your sound with all the krome users !

We expect that you will continue like that because you really made a good job...Maybe interested in our next contest ??? :)

Enjoy !


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