Author : Cyph

Hi friends,
I found this video demonstration (which was not made ​​on a Krome) showing a rather nice set of combinations for all Pink Floyd fans !

Reading the title of the video, we understand that this is compatible with our Korg Krome, but I guess it is not free.

I would like to test these sounds (seem very good), to give you my opinion, but the site seems to offline ...

Just listen and enjoy this video!

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Random Pack !

NHAC VIET Sound Pack from Vietnam !


Author : Nhac Viet

Dear All,

just a little word about this new cool pack : Nhac Viet company has put a sound pack for your krome in download on its website.

We are pleased to share this information with you, Kromeheaveners !

It's completly !

It contains many sounds for your composition : A piano collection, Electric Pianos, Brass, Orchestral sounds, dance combinations, just check all the preview below !

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