Everywhere & Atomic Combi by Joldi !

Author : Joldi

Hey Kromeheaveners !

Here are the combis for

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere


Blondie – Atomic

D000 – Everywhere

Intro is an ARP triggered by playing keys E1 – D#1 – C#1 – E#1

Single synth notes for melody and outro played on keys B5 upwards

Synth brass/pad for chorus on keys A3 to A#5

Voice “Doo” (optional) is an arp triggered by playing key E3

D001 – Atomic

Arp is triggered by keys E3 , D3 and B2 Phased string pads are keys A3 upwards

Download Everywhere and Atomic Combis for korg krome

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Random Pack !

Classic Analog Synth Pack for Korg Krome !

Author : Claudio Etcheverria

Hello my friend

I worked hard in recent months in a new (and I think) Original PCG file to share with all Krome friends.

So I decided to send this file wishing you can upload to the website and collect some opinions .

All programs , 23 in total , were created by me .Some guided tutorials and others created completely from scratch .

Perhaps you recognize some because they are based on the sounds and bands that I like.

All have a separate drum track and the final Combi bank are a couple of very useful creations.

It is my humble contribution to this great community of users Korg Krome.


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