HeartBeat City Combi for korg krome !

Author : Greg Chance

Hi Kromeheaveners !

Here's another Combi for you: Heartbeat City

From the Readme: This archive includes HBCITY.PCG for the Korg Krome, for playing "Heartbeat City" by The Cars.

I am a firm believer of full documentation, which makes using the Combis, Programs, & Drums easier when downloaded.

Drums: "Heartbeat City", using drum kit E094 Rock Kit".

Custom Program: D000 "Heartbeat City".

This is a split, dual OSC sound with an LFO on OSC1.


MIDI Channel 1: D1-B4 Program 1 D000 Heartbeat City OSC1, ARP A trigger is on C1

C4-B7 Program 1 D000 Heartbeat City OSC2

D1 Program 7 E094 Rock Kit Phased bass drum on single key

G5-G9 Program 5 D054 Fast Synth ARP B trigger is on G7

MIDI Channel 2: D2 Program 11 D016 Vintage Saw LFO settings in Combi

D2 Program 12 A016 Bright Acoustic Slow release in Combi

D2 Program 13 [3]g128 Explosion

E2-E3 Program 6 C109 Square Bass

C5-C9 Program 9 D075 Syn Sweeper Transposed down one octave

C5-C9 Program 10 D075 Syn Sweeper Transponsed up one octave

Wobbly effect added

Portamento turned on


I only have a 73-key Krome, so I also use an 88-key controller (MIDI 2).

I hope you have as much fun using it as I have! If you find it useful, kick back a couple bucks to me on Paypal, gchance2gmail.com.

(C) 2016 Greg Chance, license to distribute this PCG is ONLY given to the Krome Heaven website and MUST include this file. Sharing of this file is explicitly prohibited.

Greg Chance gchance@gmail.com


Longer video explaining Combi:

Enjoy! :) Greg Chance

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Random Pack !

Neil D. Combi Pack for Krome !

Author : Neil D.
My name is Neil D.
I have saved a PCG file i made using PCG tools . Hopefully i have done this correctly .... i deleted all the other programs in the ‘F’ bank apart from the ones i had created and have used within the combis. Then i deleted all the other combis in ‘D’ banks apart from the ones i wish to share and then saved as a new PCG file .
Jump , 99 red balloons and journey are pretty straightforward regards how the combi is set up to play .... however Living on a prayer and uptown funk are a bit more convoluted. I don’t know the best way to explain how i’ve set it up ...unless i maybe make a video  ?
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