Mama - Genesis combi !

Author : Greg Chance

This archive includes MAMA.PCG for the Korg Krome, for playing "Mama" by Genesis.  I am a firm believer of full documentation, which makes using the Combis, Programs, & Drums easier when downloaded.

Drums: "Mama", using drum kit Noisy Analog Kit".  It's also heavily filtered to give a harsh sound.

Custom Program: D000 "MamaLFO".  This is the sound that repeats a pattern with the drums.



MIDI Channel 1: C1-C3    Programs 1 & 2    F000 MamaLFO            Velocity 1-127
        C1-C3    Programs 5 - 7    D020 SynthBass            Velocity 100-127
        C#3-G5    Program 3    D106 Starlight
        A6-C7    Program 10    C066 Picked Precision Bass

MIDI Channel 2:    A0-C7    Program 9    D020 Synth Brass
        A0-C7    Program 11    A121 Low Manual Comp Organ

MIDI Channel 3:        Program 4    D067 LFO Pad

I only have a 73-key Krome, so I also use an 88-key controller (MIDI 2) and a McMillen 12-Step (MIDI 3).

I hope you have as much fun using it as I have!  If you find it useful, kick back a couple bucks to me on Paypal,

(C) 2016 Greg Chance, license to distribute this PCG is ONLY given to the Krome Heaven website and MUST include this file.  Sharing of this file is explicitly prohibited.

Greg Chance

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Random Pack !

Xavier L. Piano combinations for Korg Krome

Author : Xavier L.

"hop v'la la combi jazz ici avec les piano electrique ( parce que j'utilise des vst pour les pianos acoustique) je te laisse donc le libre arbitre de créer une combi en doublon avec les piano acoustique ."

Thank you Xavier for your pack.

I suppose your Combinations will find its place on kromeheavener's synth !

Enjoy !

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