Yank ABBA Arrival & Star Wars 2 combis !


Author : Yank

"Dear Cyph ,
  I send you 1 rar file with PCG for Krome

 This file is dedicated for sharing at kromeheaven site.
 It contains 2 Combis in bank D - songs -"Multiarrival"
 (Abba-arrival) , and "Star Dart" ( Star Wars soundtrack - dart vader
 scene ) Star Dart is a variation of "The Orchestra" preset, but
 Multiarrival is an brand new combi with controller switches.



Great Yank, thank you very much for this file ! It is now shared with many krome users !

Demonstrations :

Krome ABBA Arrival Combi !


Krome Star Wars (Darth Vader) Combi !

Download Yank Abba Arrival and Star Wars Combi for Krome !

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