Norah "Sweet" Jones Combi !

Author : Hans Bes

A "laid-back" combi
I use it to play various songs
but particularly Norah Jones Classics
hope you like it too
Hans Bes"


Thank you !
Second combination from Hans Bes, and I will definitely use it.
With my wife, we are just fans of Norah Jones and this combi sound is really sweet & Jazzy...
Really cool one...
Again, if you have more ! Share ! You made a good job :)

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Random Pack !

EDM sound Pack !

Authors : Various

Here is the sound pack generated during our EDM sound contest !

For the moment, you will get 10 new programs to be use for your electronic songs !

Good stuff !




This is EDM !                - from Js    
Northern Elektro Pluck   - from M.Thompson
K dot YGO Soft Synth    - from P. Crous
Electro Vocal Kit            - from B. Suez  
Little Prodigy                - from J. Dasilva   
Fade to Light                - from M. Lopez    
Rewind Stop                 - from Executer  
Pump it                        - from I. Ranova       
Big            - from C. Y. 
Transcend Me               - from Zicos

Enjoy !

Download EDM Sound Pack !

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