Author : Fede

"I send Combi Piano and Strings.

The piano mutes SW1, SW2 mutes the strings and adjust the volume Knob1 string"


Hello Fede and thank you for sharing your sound.

I did not understand the difference between your combi and the original "000 Piano Strings" but no matter, you share, i put it on the website !

The difference between this combination and the original, is that the factory comes the" strings and the piano sound always together. This with the SW I turn and turn off the sounds. Also control the volume of the strings with the Knob1. Regards"

To all people, do not hesitate to show what you are able to do with your krome : programs, combis, video, tutorial, tips...

This place is your !



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Random Pack !

Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V6 !

Author : You ! (see below)

We are back ! Here is our famous Compilation : Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V6 !!!

Now : 69 combinations, and many various style : Rock, Progressive, Soul, Dance, Classic, etc !!!

This is your work, and I decided to continue the pack with it : The Best of Combi to play your favorite song...

Nb : You must also load the F Bank (few programs are needeed) and ARP pattern (user), drum pattern, everything !

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