Author : Astropop (Quim G.)


This is the second bank created by "Astropop" (Quim G.) for the Korg M3.

You will find a fantastic work here : Vintage synths, slow synth (JMJ Oxygene), SFX and many others : A real good job made by Astropop.

Demo by our friend Kurzweiler

I've just converted the sounds to the Krome PCG format (Bank F only), changing the categories for matching our synth.
Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to change categories and generate the patches list.


Put the ASTRO2.PCG file on an sdcard and load it into your Krome F bank !

Patches List :

F000 In High Places F064 Funny Bass
F001 Vintage Pad F065 Dark Resonant
F002 Mosquito F066 Sine Tears
F003 Cancellator F067 CS80 Iconic Brass
F004 HR Detuned Organ F068 Chromatique
F005 Vintage Organ 2 F069 Flamant Roses
F006 Fun Brass F070 Cosmic 7th 2
F007 Solinator F071 Irlande
F008 X Brass F072 P5 Reso Pad
F009 Farfisa F073 CS80 Iconic Brass 2
F010 Any Second Now F074 Ganimedes
F011 Lunar Brass 2 F075 Soft Lead
F012 Electropipe F076 CS80 Iconic AFT Brass
F013 Filter Sea F077 Soft Cancelled Lead
F014 Nucleus F078 Blade Runner Blues
F015 HR Autopan Organ F079 Synth Trumpet 3
F016 Mega Brass 2 F080 Blush Response
F017 Vintage Organ 3 F081 CS80 Soft Brass
F018 Vintage Organ 4 F082 Auto Bass
F019 Ambient 7th F083 Ambient 7th Brass
F020 Magic Fly F084 Dissonances
F021 Taurus F085 Grand Hall Organ
F022 Mini Drum Kit C4 F086 Hymne/I Hear You Now
F023 The XY Theremin F087 P5 Soft Brass
F024 The Rain F088 String Machine 3
F025 The Wave F089 Oxygene 4
F026 Destructor F090 Oxygene 5
F027 Unison SawLead F091 Oxygene 4 B
F028 Circuit Bending F092 Oxygene 2
F029 Hypnos F093 Oxygene 1
F030 The Thunder F094 P5 Dark Brass
F031 Cosmic Birds F095 P5 5th Lead
F032 OB Strings F096 P5 Basic Brass
F033 Spacecopter 2 F097 P5 Bach Lead
F034 Velo. Express. Solina F098 Step Alarm
F035 Classic Lead F099 Space Bugs
F036 Disturbed F100 String Machine 4
F037 PWM Pad F101 Megavibrato Single SM
F038 Hyper Unison F102 Megavibrato Dual SM
F039 Biphase QuadraPad F103 Phaser String Machine
F040 En el lago F104 Manual Chorus SM
F041 Rumor F105 Phaser String Machine 2
F042 Hypnotic Tango F106 Phaser String Machine 3
F043 Classic Synth Brass F107 ADrum KICK
F044 Classic Lead 2 F108 ADrum SNARE
F045 Synthi Harpsichord F109 ADrum TOM
F046 Game Over! F110 ADrum HIHAT
F047 Future Brass F111 Long Claps
F048 Cheap Arranger F112 A8b SQUARE
F049 Classic Synth Wind F113 A8b PWM
F050 CS80 Soft/Hard Brass F114 A8b NOISE
F051 Space Echo F115 A8b SQUARE ALFO
F052 Dirty Lead F116 A8b SQUARE PLFO
F053 Modulated Pad F117 A8b SQUARE PENV
F054 8 Bits Arp F118 A8b SQUARE PLE
F055 Alpha F119 A8b PWM MARP
F056 Simple&Fat Brass F120 A8b PWM mARP
F057 Synth Trumpet 2 F121 A8b NOISE PLFO
F058 Sweet Xpress Lead F122 A8b NOISE ALFO
F059 String Machine 2 F123 Horizon
F060 Synth Ensemble F124 OFF
F061 Cosmic 7th F125 OFF
F062 Monophased F126 OFF
F063 Q Modulator F127 OFF

Download Astropop Vintage Synthetizer Vol 2

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