Dan Stesco is coming back on krome : JMJ Pack Part 2 !!!

it's a breaking news !!! Dan Stesco is coming back on your Korg Krome !

Jean Michel Jarre Pack is one the best pack ever made on the Korg Krome...and Dan is now preparing a second one !

New Titles... (shut ! the content is still a secret) but for sure, you will all enjoy the programming skills from Dan.

Expect more information soon...on kromeheaven.com !

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Random Pack !

Author : Jonatan Espeche

"Buenos días Cyph,

tengo un Korg Krome (anteriormente un Korg X50) y me gustaría compartir algunas ediciones (ej: trompetas, quenas, violín y un piano eléctrico (Silky EP).

¿Te los envío por este medio?

Saludos desde Argentina"

Well, Jonatan, thank you very much for sharing your patches !

You will find 7 differents sound, in 2 format : PCG file and Krome editor format.

Enjoy !

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