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Author : Instrumentalny

"Hello Cyph.

Thanks for putting my film "We Are The World" on your website.

I am sending you something to share with other users.

PCG file with my sounds that I created."


It was a pleasure for me !
Wahou, thank you so much Instrumentalny for your wonderfull pack !

Your sounds are typically what we expect from the krome !

I bet this pack will have a great success...So Kromeheaveners : DO NOT HESITATE to "LIKE" Instrumentalny's Video on Youtube !!!

Enjoy !!!


Description of your work

Program List

000: German Bright Grand comp

001: Dyno Chorus E.Piano 3

Combi List

000: Joe Piano & Pad 4

001: Whitney EP 2

002: Whitney EP 3

003: Whitney EP 4

Song List



Now a small explanation from Instrumentalny !

000: German Bright Grand comp - The sound may not be something special but specific sounds with the added effect of compression and enhacer. This makes the piano sound like an old vinyl record. You can hear a song that I sent to you “AMSTRONG.SNG” or see here.

Unfortunately I do not I recorded this song on the sequencer, and I have no idea who recorded it. On Youtube I prepared only sound and film. I found this song on my CD with mid files. I can only say that this CD is 20 years old in 1995. This song is a jazz variation "As Time Goes By" (Composed by Herman Hupfeld) that played and sang many world famous musicians like Luis Armstrong, Bryan Ferry, Frank Sinatra and many others.

001: Dyno Chorus E.Piano 3 - is another modification of the sound with a deeper chorus effect. For example, this type of electric piano can be heard in the songs of Earth Wind and Fire, or "On the Beach" Chris Rea and to other artists in this era of creativity.


For the combination

000: Joe Piano & Pad 4 - On youtube you asked a question about the song "We Are The World" .... combi or sequence?

Of course, this is a combi ... modified from - Bank A / 000: Piano & Strings

This piano sound reminds me of songs by artists such as Bryan Adams, Toto, Joe Cocker. This combi sound I use to record "We Are The World"….To set the proper depth of the chorus use the knob 3 (left / right)

001: Whitney EP 2 - This is my favorite sound I've been working a long time. It reminds me of the songs of Whitney Houston, Peter Cetera, Chicago and Italian romantic ballads. SW1 - tremolo, SW2 - lock for wah effekt move the joystick down [-Y] I think KRONOS may be jealous ;-) about this sound.

002: Whitney EP 3 and 003 Whitney EP 4 are next variants of the sound "Whitney EP 2"


For the songs :

AMSTRONG.SNG - demo for sound "German Bright Grand comp"


CLAYDRMN.SNG - This is the song "My Way" is very similar to the version of Richard Clayderman. On the video you can see the last part when I recorded the piano track.

All tracks of this sequence was recorded by me, I hope you like it;-)

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