True Trance Sounds for Korg Krome from Natlife


Author : Cyph


NatLife Sounds is proud to present you our big long-build soundbank for Korg Krome family synthesizers - True Trance Sounds V1.† With a 70 newly programmed inconceivable sounds you can open new horizons with your Krome EX, Krome, M50 and finally - M3 Workstation.†

To create these sounds, we used the deepest settings of the EDS-X engine, as well as some sounds that were polished by Korg's REMS technology. Despite the fact that Krome is a digital synthesizer, we tried to change it a bit and give it a warmer analog sound, which is heard in many sounds of our library. As for the sound palette, you will find here everything that you want to hear from the top instrument in its category as well as something more that can argue with the most outstanding synthesizers of the planet. Deep atmospheric Pads, piercing Basses, sensitive Plucks and of course, powerful Lead parts - it's cover all renge of styles, from modern EDM, Future Garage, Cinematic, Ambient, Pop music to all variations of Trance music.


Let's Test

Igor from Natlife Sounds sent us a copy to test this brand new sound pack for your korg krome !

It was a long time since we expected this kind of sound pack for krome ...

I had myself started working on a similar project but I stopped because of a lack of time ... because yes, programming his own sounds is long!

Inserting the SD card and go for the discovery of sounds ...

I started by navigating the first sounds and the first remark to make is that they are varied :

Lead, pluck, atmospheres pad (Space one is my favorite), etc ... but not only that!

Thus, we can fall on sounds a little more classic but edited so that they are directly usable in your "Trance" productions :

This is the case for 2 pianos that I could really play with pleasure.

The basses at the end of the bank are well programmed and the super saw of the 80s are also wonderfull.

Moreover, the Fx are so "creative" that I could not help but go watch how they were programmed ...

The robotic voices are excellent, I did not think we could get those sounds out of the krome.

What strikes immediately using the sounds is the immediate link that can be made with current EDM musical productions.

Kygo just have to stand because you have something to ignite your compositions ... Everything is good in this pack, there is nothing to throw ... quickly, buy it ! It's really worth it !


You can check a sound demonstration made by natlife here :


Content extracted with PCG Tool

LD Space String          Program      F000       11               1
LD Day 1                 Program      F001       11               0
LD In The End            Program      F002       9                1
PA Clear Sky             Program      F003       0                0
LD Forgotten Power       Program      F004       11               0
PLK Clear Sky            Program      F005       9                2
PLK Harpman              Program      F006       0                3
BA M! Organ              Program      F007       1                0
SY Bell Of Dream         Program      F008       2                0
AAH Old Times            Program      F009       4                0
AAH Voices From My Had   Program      F010       4                0
LD MYM                   Program      F011       5                1
PD Space                 Program      F012       9                1
PL Retro M               Program      F013       10               0
LD Chrd                  Program      F014       10               0
LD Space Between Us      Program      F015       11               0
LD Baritbass             Program      F016       8                0
BA Baritbass             Program      F017       8                0
LD Suprsw                Program      F018       11               0
LD Double Saw            Program      F019       10               0
PA Trance Piano          Program      F020       0                0
PLK Star Attack          Program      F021       9                0
ORG Old Times            Program      F022       1                0
LD Mission RAVE modulate Program      F023       11               0
PLK Remind This Moment   Program      F024       10               0
PLK Aher 95              Program      F025       4                0
LD Mission RAVE          Program      F026       11               0
LD Supersaw              Program      F027       11               0
LD Ocean Wave            Program      F028       11               0
SY Water Guitars         Program      F029       0                3
PD Trimbsphere           Program      F030       4                1
PD Ocean Flute           Program      F031       9                2
PD Deep State            Program      F032       9                2
PD FM Breathe            Program      F033       9                2
AAH Space Voices         Program      F034       4                0
LD Vintage Sawer         Program      F035       10               0
AAH Robo Voice           Program      F036       4                1
LD Spaceship             Program      F037       11               1
PLK Marisynth            Program      F038       10               0
LD Berwe                 Program      F039       10               0
PLK Some Spaces          Program      F040       10               1
FX Transition One        Program      F041       13               1
LD Robidist              Program      F042       11               0
BA Rock The Saw          Program      F043       8                0
BA Saw Progresion        Program      F044       8                0
BA Acidized              Program      F045       8                0
LD Saw 99                Program      F046       11               0
BA Sawage Ac             Program      F047       8                0
LD Turn To AcID          Program      F048       10               0
PL Retro M Mod           Program      F049       10               0
BA Saw Orcha             Program      F050       8                0
BA Acid SQ O1            Program      F051       8                0
PLK Space Fly            Program      F052       10               0
PLK Space Fly OrgMod     Program      F053       10               0
PLK Koto Piano           Program      F054       0                3
BA Disbass               Program      F055       8                0
PLK Spacey Bells         Program      F056       0                1
BA Future Club           Program      F057       8                0
BA Virtual Analog        Program      F058       8                0
FX Scary Thing           Program      F059       13               1
BA Leaded                Program      F060       11               1
LD Saw 80                Program      F061       11               0
BA Vowel                 Program      F062       8                0
BA Uplifting 1           Program      F063       8                0
BA Upifting 2            Program      F064       8                0
BA Uplifting 3           Program      F065       8                0
BA Standard              Program      F066       8                0
BA Uplifting 4           Program      F067       8                0
BA Bassman               Program      F068       8                0
BA Bassman Deep          Program      F069       8                0



Wahou ! What a face slap ! What a sound pack ! 5 stars without hesitation...I can't believe that some of these sounds could be generated by our single korg krome...I also have a king korg and some of the sound are so close !!! The creativity of this pack clearly deserves the 35 euros price : Pluck, Lead, voices and pads from outer space...70 programs of pure happiness. And you, are you able to make such a patch like FX Scary things and the robot voices you can modulate with the stick ? Buy it, Try it, enjoy it for sure !


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Demo by our friend Kurzweiler

I've just converted the sounds to the Krome PCG format (Bank F only), changing the categories for matching our synth.
Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to change categories and generate the patches list.

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