Luiz Oliveira's Prog Sounds Pack !


Author : Luiz O. Master Key

"Hello Cyph,
We are pleased to inform you that my first package combinations this finished. As I promised, I organized my combinations and I'm sending you to be distributed freely. 
The name of this small collection is Prog Sounds, because I had these ideas really listening Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman. 
I'll work on more sounds and soon you'll send more!"

Thank you Luiz,

your sounds are really well programmed, you can be proud of what you have done!!!

As you really deserve it, I've made a 3D box for your pack and made a cool presentation to share your sound with all the krome users !

We expect that you will continue like that because you really made a good job...Maybe interested in our next contest ??? :)

Enjoy !




Patches List (Programs and combis)

Program F000 Clav PIG
Program F001 Lead PROG <JR> 
Program F002 Pig Lead
Program F003 Separate Ways SYNT
Program F004 JR Leader
Program F005 Like Pad
Program F006 Rock It LEAD <vox> 
Program F007 Violin Concert
Program F008 Solo Guitar HEAVY 
Program F113 Oboe LEAD
Program F114 Sine LEAD 
Program F115 Flute LEAD 
Program F116 EnglishHorn Lead 
Program F117 Guitar Lead
Program F118 Clarinete LEAD 
Program F119 PULSE
Program F120 SQUARE 
Program F121 SAW 
Program F122 Snarling Main 
Program F123 Snarling efx 
Program F124 Lead Main to COMBI
Program F125 Pulse Sub Wave to COMBI 
Program F126 Saw Sub Wave to COMBI 
Program F127 Triangle Sub Wave o COMB 
Combi  D000 Pig Lead LovLok
Combi  D001 JR Leads
Combi  D002 Jens Leads 
Combi  D003 Jordan Rudess Leads 
Combi  D004 Snarling Pig
Combi  D005 Liquid KROME Lead 
Combi  D006 Liquid KROME Lead 2 
Combi  D007 Liquid KROME Extreme 
Combi  D008 Liquid KROME
Combi  D009 SAW Lead Dist 
Combi  D010 Decembers Keys 
Combi  D011 Artifices
Combi  D012 TK TK 
Combi  D013 Healing Process 
Combi  D014 Robotic VOX 
Combi  D015 KEYS ZY 
Combi  D016 Pull Me Under GUITAR 
Combi  D017 Glorius PAD
Combi  D018 Snarling Organ 
Combi  D019 PARADISE
Combi  D020 PWR Orchestra/Voice 
Combi  D021 Holy Ensemble
Combi  D022 Holy String
Combi  D023 Deep Cosmos 
Combi  D024 Holy Symphonic String
Combi  D025 Love Keys
Combi  D026 Violin 
Combi  D027 Heavy Guitar SOLO

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Random Pack !

Author : Stdol

Hello krome users !

Here is a pack of greek sounds originally designed by Stdol for M50 keyboard.

The sounds have been extracted from the PCG file, copied to the F bank for Krome and then exported !

You just have to load the whole program bank (Only F is present) and enjoy...

I've made a video in order to preview the sounds. (Warning : I am a bad's just to show you...)

Enjoy !!!

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