World Sample Series : India ! Sample Pack !

Author : Baskar R. & Kromeheaven

Dear All,

we are proud to present you another real instrument samples pack : World Sample Series : India !

Baskar R. had sent us free samples from famous Indian instruments and kromeheaven did the conversion to the korg krome format.

If you want to do your own pack : do not hesitate !

Send us your samples : They must be FREE from any copyright in order to be shared with all Kromeheaven members !

Enjoy !

Patches List

Bansuri *KH* |Program |F000

Bansuri High *KH* |Program |F001

Bansuri Sharp *KH* |Program |F002

Israj *KH* |Program |F003

Nadaswaram *KH* |Program |F004

Sarangi *KH* |Program |F005

Sarod *KH* |Program |F006

Shehnai *KH* |Program |F007

Veena *KH* |Program |F008

Sarod *BR* |Program |F009

Bansuri *BR* |Program |F010

Indian Shenai *BR* |Program |F011

Bansuri 2 *BR* |Program |F012

Israj *BR* |Program |F013

Bansuri 3 *BR* |Program |F014

Nadaswaram *BR* |Program |F015

Bansuri 4 *BR* |Program |F016

Indian Veenai pt *BR* |Program |F017

Indian Sarangi *BR* |Program |F018



  1. Turn off your krome.
  2. Copy the 3 files (META.IMG, SAMPLE.IMG, the PCG file) on the root of your SDCARD : they must not be in a directory, in order to load the samples.
  3. Insert the sdcard on your krome (must be shutted off).
  4. If it's the first time you load samples on your krome : Press "page" key and "0" key together and keep pressing the keys while starting your krome.
  5. At the end of the black starting screen, you should have a pop up Windows "opt pcm memory loading"....that sounds good, You CAN release page and 0 keys.
  6. Load the PCG programs.(only the F bank)

NB : Next time you will turn on your krome, it will automatically load the samples if META and SAMPLE file are in the root directory of your SD card.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRESS PAGE + 0 BUTTONS the next times you want to load samples.

Download below - Click Read More to get it !

Download World Sample Series : India for Korg Krome


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