Deagan Vibes Samples for Krome

Author : David Fahrner

Hello, I have some vibraphone samples (32 samples / four multisamples) that I sampled from my classic Deagan Aurora II vibraharp;

I've used these in several sample playback synthesizers, and currently have them on my Korg KRONOS. I'd like to use them on a Krome !

My samples are not copyrighted and I'm happy to share them; if I send you the KRONOS files with the vibraphone samples, can you convert them to META.IMG and SAMPLE.IMG files that can be loaded into the Krome?


Hello David, of course, we can convert your free samples and share them with Kromeheaveners !

Here is the pack !

I've converted your samples, but not the PCG files from Kronos, since there is no existing converter to do that...So, only a single PCG file was made copying an existing Vibes program and replacing the internal sample with your samples.

If anybody can make a better program (PCG format), send it to me, it will be published in this article !

Thank you David, and enjoy the download below !!!

Update 30/05/2015

New programs shared by David download below !!!

Download Deagan Vibes for Krome

Download New Deagan Vibes programs for Krome

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