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Author : Cyph


A New Tool for your Krome !

The Krome EX is a new synthetizer from brings brand new multisamples comparing to Krome but 90% are the same !

Unfortunatly, Korg only made an ascending compatibility : A PCG file from Krome can be loaded in the Krome EX but a PCG file from the Krome EX can not be loaded into the Krome !

All is the matter of several things : PCG file format evolved to 2.1, product id is not the same, and sample references are different !

Here is a software to handle the conversion of a Krome EX PCG file to a format that you will be able to operate from a standard Krome.


1.0.0 - First version of the tool : Patch a Krome EX PCG file : Only programs are patched, based on a mapping file.



Java Run-Time Environment
installed on your MAC or PC. (You can download it here)

A Mapping file (named Mapping.txt) with Krome EX samples bank/number and the corresponding bank/number for Krome.

The Mapping.txt file must be installed in the same directory than the PCG file you want to patch.


How to use ?

You can follow the instructions from this video :


How to make a Mapping file ?

This is the most important part of the processing is the Mapping file.

The name of the Mapping file must be : Mapping.txt

It must be put in the same directory of the PCG File you want to convert.

The format is a text file representing a list of :

Krome Ex Bank Id; Krome EX Sample Id; Krome Bank Id; Krome Sample Id

examples :

0;0;0;0 => means the bank id 0 and sample id 0 in the Krome EX PCG file will be patched with bank Id 0 and sample 0 -> (no modification !)

0;4;0;12 => means the bank id 0 and sample 4 in the Krome EX PCG file will be patched with bank Id 0 and sample 12


Bank Id

0 = Mono bank

1 = Stereo bank

2 = XL.Mono

3 = XL.Stereo

Sample Id

Samples id can be found in the 2 documents :

Voice Name List Krome EX

Voice Name list Krome


2 important remarks making your mapping file :

All the Krome EX samples are not in the you will have to find alternative samples sounding similar.

The PCG sample id are buggued in the Krome EX...even if some sample are not "on" it contains bad reference you will also have to replace by 0; 0 for example.



Ohhhh yes !!!! This software took me time ! It's free but you can make 2 types of donations :

5$ donation => you will get a gift ! A Standard Mapping.txt file : All the common samples (between Krome EX vs Krome) will be replaced, unexisting samples will be set to 0;0)

10$ donation => you will get a gift ! An Expert Mapping.txt file : All the common samples (between Krome EX vs Krome) will be replaced, unexisting samples will be replaced by equivalent on from the Krome)



Download Krome EX PCG Patcher Software




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