Accordeons Fiesta Collection (Samples) for Krome !

Author : Walas C.

Dear Kromeheaven fans,

here is a new sound pack based on some samples. Walas has shared it for free, so you can download it now and enjoy your krome again ;)

This time we have a complete accordeons collection but not only : Real Trumpet, Trombon, and samples kit de "Cumbia" ....everything to play some fiesta music ;) ;) ;)

More than 104 programs and few combinations are just waiting for you !

We all thank you, Walas !



Here is the content description, programs and combinations :

ACORDEON VALLENATO       Program      F000       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON CUMBIA          Program      F001       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON CORONA          Program      F002       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON GABNELLI        Program      F003       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON SOCIOS          Program      F004       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON YAGUARU         Program      F005       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON CADETES         Program      F006       User 16          User 0
MUSSETE N364             Program      F007       User 16          User 0
CANAVERAL N364           Program      F008       User 16          User 0
CANAVERAL M1             Program      F009       User 16          User 0
ARTURO JAIMES N364       Program      F010       User 16          User 0
ARTURO JAIMES KORG TR    Program      F011       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON ITALIANO        Program      F012       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON MASTER          Program      F013       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON FRANCES         Program      F014       User 16          User 0
CARABO N364              Program      F015       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON CANTABELLA      Program      F016       User 16          User 0
MUSSETE M3               Program      F017       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON TRADICIONAL     Program      F018       User 16          User 0
ACORDEON NORTENO         Program      F019       User 16          User 0
SAD TRUMPET              Program      F020       User 16          User 0
TROMPETA REAL            Program      F021       User 16          User 0
LATIN TROMPET            Program      F022       User 16          User 0
TROMBON REAL             Program      F023       User 16          User 0
SAX REAL                 Program      F024       User 16          User 0
CLARINETE REAL           Program      F025       User 16          User 0
FLAUTA TRANSVERSAL REAL  Program      F026       User 16          User 0
KENA REAL                Program      F027       User 16          User 0
ZAMPONA REAL             Program      F028       User 16          User 0
M1 TRUMPET               Program      F029       User 16          User 0
TROMBONE N364            Program      F030       User 16          User 0
TUBA SINALOENSE          Program      F031       User 16          User 0
TUBA D50                 Program      F032       User 16          User 0
TUBA DX7                 Program      F033       User 16          User 0
TIERRA CALIENTE TRUMPETS Program      F034       User 16          User 0
TROMPETA BANDA           Program      F035       User 16          User 0
TROMPETA SINALOENSE      Program      F036       User 16          User 0
TROMBON DINASTIA         Program      F037       User 16          User 0
TROMBON XP80             Program      F038       User 16          User 0
RUGIDO TUBA              Program      F039       User 16          User 1
TROMBON LATINO           Program      F040       User 16          User 0
Acoustic Bass            Program      F041       Bass/Synth Bass  A.Bass
PIANO ENSONIC            Program      F042       User 16          User 0
GUITARRA LIMPIA          Program      F043       Guitar/Plucked   E.Guitar
Overdrive Guitar         Program      F044       Guitar/Plucked   E.Guitar
BAJO SEXTO               Program      F045       User 16          User 0
MANDOLINA                Program      F046       Keyboard         A.Piano
M1 GUITAR                Program      F047       User 16          User 0
M1 CHOIR                 Program      F048       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
N364 CHOIR               Program      F049       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
MIKEY  TEKLA             Program      F050       User 16          User 1
BUSY BOY                 Program      F051       User 16          User 0
GILES                    Program      F052       User 16          User 0
TINE WAVE                Program      F053       User 16          User 0
PRESS KAROS              Program      F054       User 16          User 0
CANAVERAL M1             Program      F055       User 16          User 0
GUITAR                   Program      F056       Guitar/Plucked   A.Guitar
Salsa Piano              Program      F057       Keyboard         A.Piano
Bone Del Jo              Program      F058       Brass            Ensemble
Zampona Roland           Program      F059       Woodwind/Reed    Woodwind
SAXOFON ROMANTIC         Program      F060       Brass            Solo
LEAD BOY                 Program      F061       User 16          User 0
SAX REAL                 Program      F062       User 16          User 0
MARIMBA REAL             Program      F063       User 16          User 0
8ct Brass                Program      F064       Brass            Ensemble
Sax Ensemble Vale        Program      F065       Woodwind/Reed    Reed
M1 Piano                 Program      F066       Keyboard         A.Piano
Acordeon del M3          Program      F067       Woodwind/Reed    Reed
GUITARRA LIMPIA          Program      F068       Guitar/Plucked   E.Guitar
DOUBLE REED              Program      F069       User 16          User 0
SAGAGUCHI                Program      F070       Woodwind/Reed    Woodwind
TELEZ                    Program      F071       Bass/Synth Bass  Synth Bass
BRASS TELEZ              Program      F072       User 16          User 0
Guitarra Caribenos       Program      F073       Guitar/Plucked   A.Guitar
Arpa                     Program      F074       Guitar/Plucked   E.Guitar
Spanish Guitar           Program      F075       Guitar/Plucked   A.Guitar
ANDINA PANFLUTE          Program      F076       Woodwind/Reed    Woodwind
Trompeta brillante1*JON@ Program      F077       User 16          User 0
Bocina Nico1             Program      F078       User 17          User 2
Violin                   Program      F079       Strings          Solo
Trompeta Fall            Program      F080       Brass            Ensemble
Pan Flute                Program      F081       Woodwind/Reed    Woodwind
GUITARRON                Program      F082       Bass/Synth Bass  A.Bass
MARIMBA C CANAVERAL      Program      F083       Bell/Mallet      Mallet
CLARINETE SONIDERO       Program      F084       Woodwind/Reed    Reed
ACORDEON P AJENA         Program      F085       Woodwind/Reed    Reed
PAN FLUTE                Program      F086       Woodwind/Reed    Woodwind
Detune Trump             Program      F087       Brass            Ensemble
M1 SAX                   Program      F088       User 16          User 0
SAX KPAZ                 Program      F089       Woodwind/Reed    Reed
HarpsyKorg 8'+4'         Program      F090       Keyboard         Clav/Harpsi
SFZ Brass ST             Program      F091       Brass            Ensemble
Acoustic Guitar          Program      F092       Guitar/Plucked   A.Guitar
Future Syn Pad           Program      F093       Bell/Mallet      Mallet
Fat Syn Sync             Program      F094       LeadSynth        Hard
TuboCZ 1000 huayno       Program      F095       FastSynth        Short Release
Korali                   Program      F096       SlowSynth        Bright
LEAD MOOG                Program      F097       User 16          User 0
Split Sinc X5D           Program      F098       User 17          User 1
Mono Lead X5D            Program      F099       User 17          User 0
Banjo                    Program      F100       User 17          User 2
Steel Guitar             Program      F101       Guitar/Plucked   A.Guitar
PIANO POLLO              Program      F102       Keyboard         A.Piano
JAZZ GUITAR              Program      F103       Guitar/Plucked   E.Guitar
Tenor Sax DOBLE          Program      F104       User 17          User 2


M1                       Combi        D000       Brass/Reed       Brass
PIANO KROME              Combi        D001       User 16          User 0
PIANO SALSA              Combi        D002       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
PIANO ACUSTIC            Combi        D003       User 16          User 0
LLORARAS                 Combi        D004       User 17          User 0
ACORDION                 Combi        D005       User 17          User 0
TROMPETA                 Combi        D006       User 16          User

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