Awesome B4 Hammond Organ Samples and Combi Pack !

Author : Cyph

Here is, at last, a free B4 Hammond Organ concept : Samples and Combinations for your korg Krome !

Some of you have already seen my live video, converting the original Pack from the Korg M3 on our private facebook group : it is now released for everybody !

You want to reach us on facebook ? (A great place to share and beta test our packs) No problem, provided that you respect our rules : Answer our questions when asking to join.


The original concept was posted by J.Q in 2013 for Korg M3 : it's simple : Just 11 programs based on original Hammond drawbars samples, and combinations were you combine each drawbar, activating one or not, using mixer to set each drawbar. 2 programs are dedicated to percussion feeling ;)

Wahou ! Something very similar to the Killer organ pack from our friend Dan Stesco, in fact ! What about checking this in detail ?

Samples inside !

There are 671 different samples. Each key (C1 ... C6 = 5 octaves); each drawbars (1 ... 9) plus 2 percussion sounds.


There are 11 different multisamples: each drawbar (1 ... 9) plus 2 percussion sounds. (2nd and 3rd)


Program bank F holds the basic "building blocks" for the Hammond sound. Each drawbar (1 ... 9) and 2 percussion sounds (2nd and 3rd) are here.

You don't want to play with these, so just read on.


This is where the magic happens. Combi-bank D contains The Hammond B3 (or B4) sounds. -

Combi D: 000: B4 The Core is the very basic hammond sound. All other combis are based on this combi; that is, they're originally copied from this combi, and tweaked furthermore. - See Controls section (below) for more detailed controls. - Names are loosely based on the presets in NI-B3-II, but don't take these too seriously. - See Combi-list below


Use Sliders 1 ... 8 for drawbars (1 ... 8) - NOTE: Drawbar 9 is located in Combi's program #9.

Since there's only 8 sliders in M3 (and the krome), you don't have a realtime control over it. Use the touch screen to edit the volume of drawbar 9.

Value Slider: adjusts amount of overdrive.

- SW1: Vibrato/Chorus: On/Off.

Light in the button displays you whether the Vibrato/Chorus is on or off.

Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. In some combis the effect is Vibrato, on the others it's Chorus, or a mix of them both.

See effect IFX1.

- SW2: Leslie: On/Off.

Light in the button displays you whether the Vibrato/Chorus is on or off.

Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. (See notes on Joystick Y- below!) -

Joystick Y (pull down the joystick): Leslie Brake: pull the joystick down to completely stop the rotating speaker.

NOTE1: Pull joystick down to stop Leslie, pull joystick again to release Leslie again.

NOTE2: When Leslie is stopped (by pulling down the joystick once), there will be no effect on pressing SW2: the Leslie will stay stopped. -

Ribbon (Not on krome !)

Adjust Leslie's rotating speed manually. Left = Slow. Right = Fast. NOTE: When you let go of the ribbon, the Leslie will return to Slow. This will not reset the light in the SW2. So you may end up with SW2 light on, but the Leslie is on Slow. Press SW2 twice (-> Off -> On) to start Leslie again. - Percussion 2nd and percussion 3rd are located in Combi's programs 10 and 11. So whenever you need them, just un-mute them.


Each Combi has the following FX-chain:


1: Organ Vib/Chorus

2: St. Tube PreAmp

3: Stereo Compressor

4: OD/Hi.Gain Wah (varies on some Combis)

5: Rotary Speaker


1: St. Graphic 7EQ

2: Reverb SmoothHall (varies on some Combis)

3: St. MasteringLimtr


Combi-list (D Bank)

000: B4 The Core

001: B4 Hi There

002: B4 Les Onions

003: B4 Super Rotor

004: B4 Progstock

005: B4 Blues

006: B4 House (Evrbdy in Da!)

007: B4 Oye Como What!?

008: B4 No Woman No B

009: B4 Born to B Heavy

010: B4 Percussive Organ

011: B4 Reggae

012: B4 A Whiter Shade...

013: B4 Huge Balls

014: B4 Jazz

015: B4 Barbara Drrlr... Who?

016: B4 Sly'ed. Totally.

017: B4 Purpled, Not Hazed

018: B4 How Deep?

019: B4 Der Wunderlich

020: B4 Soul/R+B/Arm/Leg

021: B4 Sale! All Out! =:-O


1. Copy SAMPLE.IMG and META.IMG files to the root of you SD Card
2. Copy B4KROME.PCG file to any place on SD Card
3. Turn off your KROME, insert SD Card and turn KROME on again.
4. Wait until the OPTION PCM bank is updated
5. Load B4KROME.PCG file from SD Card
6. Select COMBI D000
7. Enjoy =)

Download (Click more button to see link)

Do not forget to send us your new combi  !!!! Copy Paste the D000 combi to a free combi slot, then tweak your sound and sent it to

Best will be integrated in the pack !!!

Download Hammond B4 Samples for korg Krome

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Random Pack !










Author : George K.

"This is my oriental/middle eastern set for krome.

Middle eastern and turkish players will enjoy it.

George K."

Wahou, George,  very impressive and complete set ! (PCG file with Bank F programs and combi !)

I am really happy to have your sound available for my krome.

Your sharing will be really appreciated, for sure !

Great Krome sounds => granted Kromatool beta-tester !

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