Dmitry's Boyz Choir Samples for krome

Author : SynthKeyWizard

Awesome sound from SynthKeyWizard ! Install new voices in your Korg Krome...for free !

Dmitry has made a great pack for kronos and here is a single conversion for your krome...(Note that only "Aah" are here to get a better quality..."Ohh" "Ehh" "Mhh" had to go into the sky :) )

Enjoy this new exclusive pack from kromeheaven !

Program List

 F000 Boyz Real Choir 1

 F000 Boyz Real Choir 2

 F000 Boyz Real Chorale 1

 F000 Boyz Real Chorale 2


As it is based on samples to load on krome start up, here is the installation process :

  1. Turn off your krome.
  2. Copy the 3 files (META.IMG, SAMPLE.IMG, the PCG file) on the root of your SDCARD : they must not be in a directory, in order to load the samples.
  3. Insert the sdcard on your krome (must be shutted off).
  4. If it's the first time you load samples on your krome : Press "page" key and "0" key together and keep pressing the keys while starting your krome.
  5. At the end of the black starting screen, you should have a pop up Windows "opt pcm memory loading"....that sounds good, You CAN release page and 0 keys.
  6. Load the PCG programs.(only the F bank)

NB : Next time you will turn on your krome, it will automatically load the samples if META and SAMPLE file are in the root directory of your SD card.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRESS PAGE + 0 BUTTONS the next times you want to load samples.




Download Dmitry's Boyz Choir for Krome

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Korg Krome Latin Essentials Vol 1

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"Thanks a lot to all of the keyboardists who participated to this pack : Carlos, Braulio, Ernesto, Kurzweiler...and KORG"

Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to sort all the programs : Thank you men ;)

If you think you are not credited here for a sound, do not hesitate to contact me.

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