Speak and Spell Samples For Krome

Author : Cyph & Texas Instrument

Dear All,

the target of 10$ Donation is reached in one time !

Our generous donator : Chris K. directly offered us the total amount asked to release this pack. Thank you very much for this !

So, everybody...enjoy the Speak and Spell samples for your Korg Krome !

80's are back !!!

Patch List
F000 Speak and Spell Words 1
F001 Speak and Spell Words 2
F002 Speak and Spell Words 3
F003 Speak and Spell Startup
F004 Speak and Spell Standard
F005 Speak and Spell Alphabet



1. Copy SAMPLE.IMG and META.IMG files to the root of you SD Card

2. Copy SPEAKSPL.PCG file to any place on SD Card

3. Turn off your KROME, insert SD Card and turn KROME on again.

4. Wait until the OPTION PCM bank is updated

5. Load SPEAKSPL.PCG file from SD Card

6. Select PROG F000

7. Enjoy =)


Download Speak N Spell Samples Pack For Krome


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"Thanks a lot to all of the keyboardists who participated to this pack : Carlos, Braulio, Ernesto, Kurzweiler...and KORG"

Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to sort all the programs : Thank you men ;)

If you think you are not credited here for a sound, do not hesitate to contact me.

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