Oriental Fever Samples Pack

Author : Iwakouren

Dear all, here is our last free pack ! (if you pay for it, you have been scammed ;) )

This time, Iwakouren, the author has choosen some specific sounds for you : This will be the Oriental Fever !


I really need a video demonstrator for all our pack...if you can do video and are interested in joining : do not hesitate to send me your proposition : pure_lucif@hotmail.com


1. Copy SAMPLE.IMG and META.IMG files to the root of you SD Card

2. Copy the PCG file to any place on SD Card

3. Turn off your KROME, insert SD Card and turn KROME on again.

4. Wait until the OPTION PCM bank is updated

5. Load the PCG file from SD Card

6. Select Bank F

Patchs list (PCG Tools)

SubType Id Name Category Sub Category
Program F000 Sitar Real 7 0
Program F001 Derbake Kit 7 0
Program F002 Tanbur Pro 7 0
Program F003 Duduk 7 0
Program F004 Oud Real 7 0
Program F005 Batilar 7 0
Program F006 Oriental Drum Kit 7 0
Program F007 Oriental Drum Loop 7 0
Program F008 Kanun 7 0
Program F009 Keman 7 0
Program F010 Keman Riff 7 0
Program F011 Keman Riff 2 7 0
Program F012 Keman Master 7 0
Program F013 Tanbur 7 0

Download Oriental Fever Samples Pack


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Random Pack !

EDM sound Pack !

Authors : Various

Here is the sound pack generated during our EDM sound contest !

For the moment, you will get 10 new programs to be use for your electronic songs !

Good stuff !




This is EDM !                - from Js    
Northern Elektro Pluck   - from M.Thompson
K dot YGO Soft Synth    - from P. Crous
Electro Vocal Kit            - from B. Suez  
Little Prodigy                - from J. Dasilva   
Fade to Light                - from M. Lopez    
Rewind Stop                 - from Executer  
Pump it                        - from I. Ranova       
Big @Pluck.com            - from C. Y. 
Transcend Me               - from Zicos

Enjoy !

Download EDM Sound Pack !

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