Liquid T Lead samples for Krome !

Author : Rustem Yanmyshbash

Rustem is back ! He sent me the following pack for all the Progressive Sounds fans !!! Enjoy !

Many, many thanks Rustem...and Paul ;)


This is the Jordan Rudess' famous "LiquidTLead" sound for KORG KROME based on KURZWEIL waveforms!



1. Copy SAMPLE.IMG and META.IMG files to the root of you SD Card

2. Copy LTELEADK.PCG file to any place on SD Card

3. Turn off your KROME, insert SD Card and turn KROME on again.

4. Wait until the OPTION PCM bank is updated

5. Load LTELEADK.PCG file from SD Card 6. Select COMBI D000

7. Enjoy =)

You can contact Rustem here :

Rustem Yanmyshbash (

Special thanks to Paul Sherman ( for help with sampling

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Random Pack !

Author : LeonGTR

"This is only the program bank "F" with some of my favorite Acoustic Pianos;

"Jazz In The Club", a grand piano that seems to be placed on the stage of a jazz club, a little reverb with wooden texture and small space.
"Jazz In The Studio", This is the same grand piano taken in to a recording studio, almost dry and sounds very nearly.
"Steinway & Sons Concert", A german grand taken to a large concert hall, with a little dark and smooth sound
"German Grand Bright" and "German Grand Dark" these pianos are a little variation from their original presets, just looking for my personal taste for a grand piano.

Hope you enjoy it!"

Great Job Leon ! Fantastic !

Kromeheaven is really proud to share your pack with all the Krome users! Keep on doing things like that !

I think that this pack will be on the top 3 of our download !!!


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