Wurlitzer EP200 Samples pack for Krome

Author : Gigasamples & Cyph

Dear All,

here is a fast converted sample pack from gigasamples : The Wurlitzer EP200.

With 4 level of velocity, this samples pack is shared with a single patch on the F Bank.

If you can do better, do not hesitate to share your own patch using these samples.

Enjoy ! it's free ! Thank you gigasamples !

Installation :

  1. Turn off your krome.
  2. Copy the 3 files (META.IMG, SAMPLE.IMG, WURTLITZR.PCG) on the root of your SDCARD : they must not be in a directory, in order to load the samples.
  3. Insert the sdcard on your krome (must be shutted off).
  4. If it's the first time you load samples on your krome : Press "page" key and "0" key together and keep kressing the keys while starting your krome.
  5. At the end of the black starting screen, you should have a pop up Windows "opt pcm memory loading"....that sounds good, You CAN release page and 0 keys.
  6. Load the PCG programs.(only the F bank)

Video :

Waiting your contribution.


Download Wurlitzer EP200 Samples for Krome

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Random Pack !










Author : George K.

"This is my oriental/middle eastern set for krome.

Middle eastern and turkish players will enjoy it.

George K."

Wahou, George,  very impressive and complete set ! (PCG file with Bank F programs and combi !)

I am really happy to have your sound available for my krome.

Your sharing will be really appreciated, for sure !

Great Krome sounds => granted Kromatool beta-tester !

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