Spirit of India : Indian samples pack for korg krome

Author : Baskar Raj & Kromeheaven.com

This long awaited pack is now available for all the korg krome users that wanted free indian samples for their synth.

In this package, you will find great traditionnal indian instruments sampled for your Korg Krome : Sitar, Santur, Sarod, Tabla, Veenai, Nadaswaram, etc...

It is free, but you know how to encourage us to spend time in searching non copyrighted samples :

Enjoy it !


Patches List

Indian Sitar             Program      F000
Indian Santur            Program      F001
Indian Sarod             Program      F002
Indian Shenai            Program      F003
Indian Banjo             Program      F004
Indian Tanpura           Program      F005
Indian Santoor Master    Program      F006
Indian Sitar Master      Program      F007
Indian Nadaswaram        Program      F008
Indian Veenai            Program      F009
Indian Percussion Kit 1  Program      F010
Indian Harmonium         Program      F011
Indian Electric Sitar    Program      F012
Indian Sarod Strum       Program      F013
Indian Sitar Low         Program      F014
Indian Sitar Strum       Program      F015
Indian Sarangi Riffs     Program      F016
Indian Tabla and Tambura Program      F017
Indian Tamburas          Program      F018
Indian Percussion Kit 2  Program      F019
Indian Banjo 2           Program      F020
Indian Santur 2          Program      F021
Indian Shenai 2          Program      F022
Indian Sitar 2           Program      F023
India Santur 3           Program      F024
Indian Shenai 3          Program      F025

Download Spirit of India Pack

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