Romania Serbia Dallape & Guerrini Samples Pack!

Author : Milcinov V.


here is some samples sent by Milcinov V. From Romania. Thank you !!!

I've converted the samples (KSC/KMP) with kromatool and here is the result.

I've created a fast PCG file with just 8 programs that use the new samples.



Put all the files on your sdcard : META.IMG + SAMPLE.IMG + DALLAPE.PCG.

Do not forget to save your previous META.IMG / SAMPLE.IMG file somewhere.

Start your krome (First time with Opt PCM loading ? Press and hold "PAGE" + "0" Button during the whole boot)

Patches list

000 - Bassoon Dallape
001 - Clarinet Dallape
002 - Oboe Dallape
003 - Piccolo Dallape
004 - Bassoon Guerrini
005 - Clarinet Guerrini
006 - Soprano Guerrini
007 - Piccolo Guerrini


Conclusion :


Good samples,  very well looped ! The provided KSC / KMP files were clean, so that the convertion process with kromatool was really easy.

The only regret is that there is only 8 multisamples ! By the way, you must know that I am not a very good sound designer/programmer : So, if you make some good programs/patches using these Romanian samples, do not hesitate to send them HERE

They will be added to the PCG file included in this pack.

Enjoy !

Download Korg Krome Romania & Serbia Samples Pack

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