Author : Jorge M.


Baixei o Kromatool 0.3.1

E criei esse som de Acordeon sampleado de uma Giulietti Italiana.
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I downloaded the 0.3.1 Kromatool

and I created this sound sampled from a Giulietti Accordion Italian.
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Jorge Meireles

Great and well done ! This is the first sample pack made with kromatool !

Ok, Jorge, you give a try, and you choose an interesting way for making multisamples !

Since kromatool 0.3.1 does not allow specific key assignement (waiting for the next version KSF / KMP support will help ! ), Jorge manage to create a sound, with many samples and several programs.

The pack contains : META.IMG, SAMPLE.IMG, and also the PCG file with specific programs and combis.

Enjoy !

Download Accordeon Giulietti Italiana

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Random Pack !

Author : Stdol

Hello krome users !

Here is a pack of greek sounds originally designed by Stdol for M50 keyboard.

The sounds have been extracted from the PCG file, copied to the F bank for Krome and then exported !

You just have to load the whole program bank (Only F is present) and enjoy...

I've made a video in order to preview the sounds. (Warning : I am a bad's just to show you...)

Enjoy !!!

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