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Krome samples from Vietnam !

That's it, I managed to get the sample pack created for Vietnamese. So, I've tested kromatool with this new pack!
And of course, I could also play the new samples on my Krome.

After you download the sample pack on the website of local dealer, you come up with this,
both famous and META.IMG SAMPLE.IMG files, as well as installation instructions in Vietnamese :

In fact, it is very simple, you all know: just copy these two files on an SD card, insert the SD card into the krome (and possibly hold down Page + 0 during startup krome).

But this is not the first thing I did!
I quickly start kromatool and to open the file META.IMG to see the details of what this pack contains samples.


16 multisamples, and some 69 new waveforms!
Hmm, this looks promising ... kromatool allowed me to read more, and extract the contents of the pack ...

For example : you can see the "SAO NV" multisample, composed by 3 waveforms (and key assignment description)

You can preview the samples with kromatool and extract what you want :Below the "Tranh f4" waveform.

Strange things, the inclusion of "blank" waveform in the pack ! (Nevermind, kromatool was not disturbed by that ;) )


Ok, and now, my test of the pack

16 Multisamples

Multisample - NewMS L - Nothing ;)

Mutlisample - NewMS R - Nothing ;)

Multisample - Tranh NV - Good string instrument but no loop defined.

Multisample - SAO NV - Very good transverse flute (made in bamboo).

Multisample - BAU NV - Good and Hearty one string guitar. I played solo trying to play this song.

Multisample - NGUYET NV - The sound of vietnam with this 2 stringed instrument. Some "click" at the end of the samples.

Multisample - KIM NV - Similar sound than the previous one. (I prefer this one)

Multisample - ??????? - Nothing at the 7th place.

Mutlisample - Co 2 - Good Bowed string instrument. I appreciate the long samples and the evolution of this sound.

Mutlisample - Co 3 - Similar instrument than the previous one.

Multisample - Enigma - Very famous wind instrument. (Famous sound, used many's a shakuhachi sound from japan, I think)

Multisample - Erhu - 2 stringed-bowed instrument. I bought one of this during a trip ! I love it !

Multisample - HIT - Orchestral hit ! This is not a vietnamese sound, but it is good to use :)

Multisample - Dizi - Good chinese transverse flute. (chinese opera sound)

Multisample - Xiao - One of my preferred little flute, really sounds good.

Multisample - Co VKB - See Co 2 and Co 3 : this one is similar.

Note & conclusion

I am so happy to get this package because it is quite difficult to have an answer from korg local dealer from other countries. This pack deserves to be known, because it has the merit to make sounds that we do not usually hear. These make reminded me of a trip I made ​​in Asia, in short, this is enough! I was seduced by listening to these new samples.

Some samples are a little short without loop (not always easy to do...), some include "beep" or "click" at the end but we forgive easily these few details.

I do not know if others will follow and also put their samples available to all users, but we can only thank the people who have done the job in vietnam!

Congratulations Vietnamese!


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Download Samples pack from Vietnam



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