Dan Stesco's Cover pack now available !


Dan Stesco is back with a brand new compilation !

Cover sound Pack for all your cover !

I did'nt test personnaly the pack (not yet) but I can tell you the content is awesome : Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Aviici, Lady gaga, Maroon 5, etc !!!!

Just check 64 programs, 64 combis and 32 MBytes of samples !

Do you want a demonstration ? it's available on youtube :

The 64 programs are :

THE LORD 1 Program F000
THE LORD 2 Program F001
Rock Ham Program F002
Full Dist Tube Program F003
Sweet 3'rd Program F004
Rock Stage Piano Program F005
Rock MIDI Piano Program F006
Piano Pad Program F007
Adam E.Piano Program F008
Adam Strange Js Y Program F009
Melody Program F010
Ballad E.Piano Program F011
Different Ways Program F012
Magnetic Pad Program F013
Jump OB-Xa Program F014
Dynamic Fat Pad Program F015
D50 Fantasia Program F016
TOM SAWYER Program F017
Forever Young Js-Y Program F018
Limp Noise Program F019
Cosmic Degrees Program F020
SINE ON <Pink Floyd> Program F021
LAUNCH PAD Program F022
Ceramic Pad Program F023
ELP Fanfare Program F024
ELP LUCKY MAN Program F025
Won't Get Fooled Again Program F026
RA Program F027
Sine Synth Program F028
Vital Sign Moog Program F029
Fairlite Pad Program F030
Cream Pad Program F031
Oddy-say Pad Program F032
Splash From The Past Program F033
Meditative Pad Program F034
MG Pulse Bass Program F035
GAGA Lead Program F036
Anthem Detuned Program F037
Detuned Master Program F038
GAGA D'light Program F039
Manticore Bass Program F040
Saw Synth Brass Program F041
Synh Pluck Program F042
Cars Drive Synth Program F043
Synthia Pad Program F044
Move like Jagger Program F045
MS20 Fat VCO Program F046
Saw Siren Kn 1,2 Program F047
Breath Noise Program F048
Ghost Motions (hold) Program F049
Long Crystal Program F050
B Mars perc Program F051
Sheppard Program F052
Adventure Sample Program F053
POLY 800 Program F054
Triplet Movement Program F055
Synclavier Beat It Gong Program F056
Sledge Shaku Program F057
Cathedral Choir Program F058
1984 Program F059
Prophet Brass Program F060
Ob Sweep Resonator Program F061
Clicky Synth Program F062
Noise Wind Program F063

The 64 combinations :

Jump <real> Combi D000
Here I Go intro Combi D001
Runaway Combi D002
RebelYell SW1 Combi D003
Limp B-Behind B Eyes Combi D004
Simple Minds Don'tU Sw12 Combi D005
Rock Piano-Strings Combi D006
Duran-Hungri Woolf SW1 Combi D007
Rush-Vital Sign Split<C> Combi D008
Nightwish-Sleep Sun SW1 Combi D009
Gazebo-I Like Chopin<D> Combi D010
Dua Lipa-Be The One Combi D012
Coldplay Piano Combi D013
Liquido-Narcotic Combi D014
Wild Boys Combi D015
The Cars-Drive Combi D016
Move like Jagger Combi D017
Des'Ree You Gotta Be Combi D018
Nah Neh Nah Combi D019
Jessie J Price Tag Combi D020
Avicii Wake Me Up Js-Y Combi D021
Can't Stop The Feeling Combi D022
All About That BASS Combi D023
Amy Winehouse Valrie Combi D024
Amy Winehouse Rehab Combi D025
A Night Like This Combi D026
Daft Punk-Get lucky SW2 Combi D027
Womack-Teardrops Combi D028
Duffy-Mercy Combi D029
Cilmi-Sweet About Me Combi D030
Loverboy-Working for W. Combi D031
Maroon5 This Love Combi D032
That Don't Impres SW2 Combi D033
Yo'r Still The One SW2 Combi D034
B Mars Just the Way SW2 Combi D035
B Mars Locked out of H Combi D036
Adventure of a Life <d> Combi D037
The Best Combi D038
Proud Mary SW2 Combi D039
DM Personal Jesus Js-Y Combi D040
Wonderful Life Combi D041
24k Magic Combi D042
Muse-Starlight Combi D043
Sledge Hammer Combi D044
Mr.Mister-Broken Wings Combi D045
Separate Ways Combi D047
Don't Stop Believing Combi D048
Europe Synth Brass Combi D049
Queen-Radio GA GA Combi D050
RUSH-Marathon Combi D051
VH-When It's Love Combi D052
SPLIT Pad/Piano Combi D053
SPLIT Strings/Piano Combi D054
SPLIT Organ/Piano Combi D055
SPLIT Organ/Organ Combi D056
SPLIT Organ/Brass Sect Combi D057
SPLIT Pad/Lead Combi D058
LAYER Piano/Pad Combi D059
LAYER Piano/Strings Combi D060
SWITCH Piano/E.Piano SW1 Combi D061
SWITCH Piano/Organ SW1 Combi D062
SWITCH Piano/Strings SW1 Combi D063

More information on dan stesco website ! and maybe a test soon ?!


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