Dan Stesco's Wanted Leads Review !


Because of a lack of time, I had not been able to test the new pack of Dan ... It is now done and I admit that it makes good to the ears!

This time, Dan attacked the lead sounds as we like ... These are 54 new sounds that I have quietly tested with good headphones, because my children were in bed!

Whether you are a Progressive player or not (like me), this pack challenges our senses.

With the first sounds, we attack : JD800 thoroughly! There are also some sounds of Killer Pack, to our delight!

Mini & Moog sounds are also in the game, but where Dan is brilliant is that he includes sounds as they were programed on a MS20 and it's heavy ...

Special mention for the Destroier MS20 let me a growl in the ear that I still feel !

I let you discover the full content as well as a demonstration of a few leads.


Wailing Lead Program F000 
JD800 Lead Program F001
RudLead Program F002 
JJ Lead <Js-Y> Program F003 
6:00 O'Clock Program F004 
JD800 Lead 1 Program F005 
JD800 Lead 2 Program F006
DS Distorsionate Program F007 
My Future Lead Program F008 
Drone Lead SW2 Program F009
Krometinuum SW1/2 Program F010 
DS Killer Lead Program F011 
Weird Lead Program F012 
Liquid Lead Program F013 
Wake Man Program F014 
700 Lead Program F015 
Prophet Wed Lead Program F016 
Prophecy Lead Program F017 
Flanged Lead Program F018 
Detuned Lead SW2 Program F019 
Detuned Square Lead SW2 Program F020 
Queeny Lead SW1 Program F021
Mini Mogue Program F022 
Mini Marble Program F023 
MINI Glides Program F024 
MINI Keith1 Program F025 
MINI Keith2 SW2 Program F026 
MOOG Sweeted Program F027 
MOOG Fat SW1 Program F028 
MOOG Sine SW2 Program F029 
LEAD MOOG1 Program F030 
LEAD MOOG2 Program F031 
LEAD MOOG3 Program F032 
Memory Lead SW2 Program F033 
Memory Brassy Lead Program F034 
Voyager Sync Program F035 
Buzz Fuzz Phase Program F036 
MS20 Saw Lead <SW1,2> Program F037 
MS20 PW Beast Program F038 
MS20 Hard Tune Program F039 
MS20 PWM Lead Program F040 
MS20 Destroier Program F041 
MS20 5th Saw Lead Program F042 
MS20 Lucky Program F043 
MS20 Squelchy Program F044 
MS20 Regular Brass Program F045 
MS20 Clarinet Program F046 
MS20 Cordless Square Program F047 
MS20 Cordless Saw Lead Program F048 
MS20 Sweeper Lead Program F049
MS20 Phantomatic Program F050 
MS20 EWI Lead Program F051 
CS 80 Lead Program F052 
CS 80 Squarish Program F053 
FM Lead Program F054 
In The Ring Program F055 
Bad Operators Program F056 
FM Swappy Square Program F057 
DX Lead SW1 Program F058 
ARP FM Lead Program F059



Once again, Dan proved that the krome has something in the chest ! Leads are absolutly awesome ! A must have for all the progressive player around the world. Do not hesitate to buy it to complete the free collection we have put in download on kromeheaven.

Mihai Ardelean also made a very pro demonstration, we hope to see him again with the krome in its hands ! Thank you dude.

Dan told us that it was just a small preview of a big FM pack that will come soon ! we can't wait anymore !


Cyph / kromeheaven

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Random Pack !

Inspiring Piano Collection V1 for Krome EX

Authors : Kromeheaveners


Dear All after a long time without update, I would like to thank you for your patience !

Here is our new little sound pack for the korg krome EX : Inspiring Piano Collection v1 made your patches !

The package contains also a Korg Krome converted PCG (I was not able to test it, since I do not have the korg krome anymore, please make feedback)

Enjoy and stay connected for more sounds !



|Patch Name              |Patch Type  |Patch ID   |Category        |Sub Category    |
|Fireplace Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F000     |17              |0               |
|Brightest Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F001     |17              |0               |
|Moonlight Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F002     |17              |0               |
|ElectricDyna Piano *KH* |Program     |U-F003     |0               |2               |
|Aero Piano *KH*         |Program     |U-F004     |0               |0               |
|Grandissimo Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F005     |0               |0               |
|Yamaha CP E.Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F006     |0               |0               |
|Pinky One E.Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F007     |0               |2               |
|Steinity Way Piano *KH* |Program     |U-F008     |0               |0               |
|Classical Try Piano *KH*|Program     |U-F009     |0               |0               |
|Monolog Piano *KH*      |Program     |U-F010     |0               |0               |
|Harmonia Piano *KH*     |Program     |U-F011     |0               |0               |
|Sustain Piano *KH*      |Program     |U-F012     |0               |0               |
|Attack Piano *KH*       |Program     |U-F013     |0               |0               |

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